Girlington Roll of Honour, page 1. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 154 side 1)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018
Girlington Roll of Honour, side 2. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 154 side 2)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018

Girlington, in the Bradford (Manningham) Wesleyan Circuit, seated 850 and had 25 ancillary rooms. It is no longer in use, but a distinctive war memorial has been saved, and may be viewed here. Girlington Methodist

The forty-two men who died were:

Willie Ackroyd

Herbert Booth

Norman Brook

[Rifleman] Norris Bairstow  [63738]         [1/8th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.]

William Craven

[Pte.] Cecil Choppen               [43728]         [South Staffordshire Regt.]

[Pte.] John E. Collinson          [18/1491]       [18th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.]

Pte. Ernest Crabtree               6707              1/5th Bn. West Riding Regt.

Albert Calvert

Pte. Guy Carter                         40327           West Yorkshire Regt.

Act. Serg. Milton Dyson        95794           10th Bn. Royal Fusiliers

Pte. Harry Downs                   5592               [1/6th Bn.] Duke of Wellington’s Regt.

[Pte.] Clifford Dracup            [34249]         [6th Bn. Border Regt.]

[Pte.] Herbert Froggatt        270121           16th Bn. Royal Scots

Pte. William Fowler               40695            23rd Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers

[Serg.] Sydney Featherstone [2403]       [1/6th Bn.] West Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. George Garnham         5936                1st Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers

Pte. William Greenwood    816                    21st Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.

Sergt. Albert Helliwell         240687          5th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.

[Pte.] Edwin Holdsworth    6431                 Northumberland Fusiliers

Maurice Hudson

[Pte.] Arthur Key                    [265954]        [2/6th Bn. West Riding Regt.]

Serg. John W. Mason           21321                1st Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers

[Pte.] Arthur Pedder             [44475]           [25th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers]

Fred Pollard

[Pte.] Malcolm E. Rhodes  20/141              12th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.

[Pte.] Leonard Parkin          36842              5th Bn. King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry

[Pte.] Maurice Priestley     [55679]           [2/4th Bn. York and Lancaster Regt.]

Walter Priestley

[Cpl.] George H. Rhodes     110386           5th Bn. Tank Corps

[2nd Lt.] John Arthur Rhodes                       [6th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.]

[L/Cpl.] George Rushton    [36482]          [9th Bn. Leicestershire Regt.]

Jack Rushton

John Robert Shackleton

[Pte.] Walter Sefton              24687           9th Bn. Duke of Wellington’s Regt.

[Pte.] Walter Scott                 28598           2nd Bn. West Yorkshire Regt.

Fred Sharp

Frederick William Simmons

Arthur Walmesley

Edgar Wadsworth

Charles F. Widdop

Louis Wilkinson

Note on regimental nomenclature. The West Yorkshire Regiment and the West Riding Regiment were two different units. The latter’s full title was the Duke of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment). The compilers of this list have used both elements of that name.

Additional source: Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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  • Thanks for making a comment. We would welcome anything you can tell us about Girlington, so please do use the contributor’s box on the website. I will see if we can find a link to the 2nd World War memorial.

    By Philip Thornborow (11/04/2022)
  • There is also a war memorial for the 2nd World War which includes my fathers name. It is now on display at Bradford Industrial Museum.
    Both my parents attended the church. My mum from soon after she was born and my dad from when he moved into Girlington in 1935. They ran the junior choir and were part of the concert party etc. My dad had a band that rehearsed there. My (and later my wife’s) connections with the church ended in about 1990. I do have photo’s etc

    By Mike Alred (28/03/2022)

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