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Queen's Hall, Hull, Roll of Honour page 1. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 70)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018
Queen's Hall, Hull, Roll of Honour, page 2. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 71)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018
Queen's Hall, Hull, Roll of Honour page 3. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 72)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018

The Hull Mission had three buildings, Thornton Hall, King’s Hall and Queen’s Hall of which the Queen’s Hall in Alfred Gelder Street was the largest, seating 1947.

The Imperial War Museum has a record of the framed roll of honour at the Queen’s Hall which lists 395 names. Of these, 122 were decipherable from the photograph they had, but even these are untraceable on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission and Lives of the First World War websites. A tentative conclusion is that the framed roll lists those who served.

As the typed list supplied by the Queen’s Hall contains 153 names it is probable that these represent the dead. Investigation of a sample of the names supports this hypothesis. Further information would be welcome. The men listed were:

Page 1

J.Aaron                        H. Burnham                 P. Dalton

G.Allenby                   A. Busfield                   T.E. Dalton

W.T. Allenby               W. Campbell               A. Day

G.F. Andrews            W. Carmichael           A.Denton

J.W. Arnold                 H. Cawkwell               W. Diglin

E. Ashby                     C. Challens                  W. Diglin

R. Baker                      A. Collinson                 G.W. Dixon

A. Barnes                   P.G. Connah                 T. Dixon

H. Barton                   J. Constable                 J.S. Dodsworth

C. Bird                          G.A. Cornthwaite      F. Edwards

H. Booth                     J. Cox                              J.C. Everitt

W. Branton               A. Crampton                J. Fines

T. Brennan                 W.W. Crapper              J.W. Fish

J.H. Brown                 J. Craven                        J. Fletcher

P. Brown                      F. Cudbertson            J.H. Foster

J. Burn                          W. Daddy                      L. Fox

Page 2

J.Gattirx                       E. Kelly                           G.H. Needhan

M. Gaunt                     W. Kemp                       J.H. Oliver

P. Goodare                  E. Kettlewood           E. Osborne

H. Gorman                   A.E. Kitching              C.L. Partridge

H. Goulding                 A. Koplick                    G. Paton

J.N. Green                   J.W. Lambert               G. Peterson

F. Guy                            G. Linton                       E. Pinder

W.J. Hardcastle        R. Linsley                      W. Pickering

F.W. Harrison             T. Lowthorpe               A. Pomferey

J.A. Harrison               R. Lowther                  H. Porter

J. Harrison                   G.D. McCarthy           W. Prissick

L.G. Hastings             E. Matthews                P. Redhead

F.Harvey                      W. Mason                      W. Reed

A. Hawkins                 R. Mawson                   E.E. Rowland

H. Higginson              A. Melton                     A. Ruston

G.W. Hill                        E.W. Melton                 G. Saltmer

H. Hunt                         A. Merrylees               F. Searby

T. Hunter                      R. Merrylees               G. Sempers

T.W. Iveson                  R.W. Middleton          W. Seymour

A. Jackson                  C. Miller                         J.E. Shann

A. Jackson                  L. Milner                        A. Shanks

E. Jackson                   H. Montgomery        H.W. Shanks

T. Johnson                   W.H. Morfitt                A.E. Sheard

H. Johnson                  H. Mower                     A. Skelton

S. Joules                       B. Naughton               F. Slight

Page 3

T. Smith                        W. Todd                         L.A. Webb

C. Smith                       D. Townsend               P. Westoby

W.E. Smith                  J.A. Tripp                       L. Whitaker

A. Spafford                 J.R. Trowell                  R. Wiles

W.H. Spalding            A. Twidale                    A. Wilkinson

H. Sulton                      F. Twidale                     G.L. Wilkinson

H. Swaby                      H.H. Vasey                   F. Williamson

A. Taylor                       A.E. Ward                     J.A. Wilson

T. Taylor                        W. Waterhouse         G.W. Winter

V. Taylor                       A. Waters                     J.W. Winterbottom

E. Teesdale                 F. Watson                     S. Woodmansey

J. Thompson              A. Warwell                   L. Young

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  • You have asked for further information on names on the Roll of Honour. I have been undertaking research on my family history and have recently uncovered a wealth of information on my distant cousin Albert Collinson – I think. I’m pretty certain he is the one listed on your roll; (I’m just waiting for the marriage certificate of his parents.) Hopefully he is the same person as there are many Army records, including a warm letter written to his wife on his death from wounds from a grenade in France on 19 April 1916.

    By david clarke (16/05/2021)

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