Nafferton Roll of Honour. Methodist Archive and Research Centre (reference MA 8030 item 209)
Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes, 2018

The author of this beautifully written roll neglected to include the Circuit, Church, or indeed their own name, but the information contained allows us to discover that it is for Nafferton, in the Driffield Circuit.

The church now contains a brass memorial which may be seen  here.  It appears to be the village war memorial, and shows that one in five of the Nafferton war dead were Wesleyans.

The five names are:

Pte. R.F. Moody          240684      5th Bn. Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. J.R. Moody          55034         1st Bn. East Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. H. Reed                2278             5th Bn. Yorkshire Regt.

Pte. S.F. Sellers          39864         1st Bn. East Yorkshire

Pte. J. Reed                 2279              East Yorkshire Regt.

The Moodys were brothers, the Reeds were not.

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  • Thank you, Richard Moody, for providing that information, which is a reminder that all the Rolls of Honour were written ten years after the Armistice, and that unintentional errors could be made. I understand that John Thomas Moody was only 19 when he died, a week after the fighting stopped.

    By Philip Thornborow (16/05/2019)
  • The Moody brothers were my great uncles. Their names were Richard Francis and John Thomas so John’s initials were “J.T.” Not “J.R.”

    By Richard Moody (17/01/2019)

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