Roger Peck, Penketh Methodist Church

Family history

Malcolm Peck

Photos of Penketh Methodist Church Centenary 1960.

Names taken from the back of the photo, some difficult to read:

Hector Reigh; Len Croke; Hubert Withenshaw; Ruth Orsen; Doris Withenshaw; William Barlow; Roger Peck; Albert Bates; Evie Bowyer and Rev J E Bowyer.

Left to right; Rev F E Bowyer, Rev C S Morris, Rev D R M Garnett, Rev J N Foster, Rev P Carman, Rev D S O’Brien, Mr A R Bates


I’m looking for information, stories on my Uncle Roger Peck

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  • My mum was caretaker of the church and I remember Roger. Mrs Wright will also probably be able to tell you about Roger Peck too

    By Hazel Stilgoe-McCombe (20/02/2023)
  • My father A.R. Bates and my grandfather Albert Bates are in these photos. I remember Roger Peck, and Eric Bowyer although I was only 3 when these were taken

    By Richard Bates (25/11/2022)

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