Mystery Photographs

Can anyone help identify them ?

Mystery photo 1
Mystery photo 2
Mystery photo 3
Mystery photo 4

Mystery 1 is a group dressed up as if for an entertainment, at the bottom is a person dressed as Father Christmas. In the background is a banner with flowers on the top and just visible the letters LESS on the right and UP in the middle. The gentleman in profile on the right hand side is also in Mystery 2.

Mystery 2 is a group of three young ladies and the said gentleman on the back row and four young ladies seated at the front. I think I know who the second from left on back row is, possibly called Croft. The right hand side lady back row has a distinct family resemblance to my family.



Mystery 3 is a group of ladies and gentlemen, some in clerical collars, outside a black-looking building, could be an industrial town. Gentleman fifth from left middle row also appears in Mystery 4.




Mystery 4 is all gentleman outside same building, with same gentleman front row second from left.

There could be a connection to Manchester.  They are from a collection of postcards that belonged to a family called CROFT in Manchester, who were all very staunch Methodists.

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  • I think it would be useful if a costume expert could date these images.I wonder if Marion has more information about the provenance of these images. Were they passed down through her family? If so which branch. Given a date and the relevant family history it should be possible to narrow the geographical location and then look for a building which had those distinctive tablets in the wall. Are they inscribed? Can they be read on the original prints? I hope some of these comments may help

    By G W Oxley (02/01/2017)

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