ELLIS, William

Extracts from the Minutes of Conference (1765 - 1773)

The first Minister stationed at Dunbar

Extracts from Minutes of Conference 1765 – 1773

1765 – Admitted on Trial and stationed in Cornwall West.

1766 – Admitted as a Preacher and Stationed at Dunbar

Text from Minutes of Conference 1766

Q. William Ellis, have you faith in Christ ? Are you going on to perfection ? Do you expect to be perfected in love in this life ? Are you groaning after it ? Are you resolved to devote yourself wholly to God and His work ?

Do you know the Methodist doctrine? Have you read the Sermons ? The Notes on the New Testament ?

Do you know the Methodist plan ? Have you read the Plain Account ? The Appeals ?

Do you know the Rules of the Society ? Of the Bands ? Do you keep them ?

Do you take no snuff? Tobacco ? Drams ?

Do you constantly attend the church and sacrament ?

Have you read the Minutes ? Are you willing to conform to them ?

Have you considered the Twelve Rules of a Helper; especially the first, tenth, and twelfth ?

Will you keep them for conscience’ sake ?

Are you determined to employ all vour time in the work of God?

Will you preach every morning and evening ? Endeavouring not to speak too loud or too long? Not lolling with your elbows? Have you read the “Rules of Action and Utter- ance ? “

Will you meet the Society, the Bands, the Select Society, the Leaders (of Bands and Classes) in every place ?

Will you diligently and earnestly instruct the children, and visit from house to house ?

Will you recommend fasting, both by precept and example ?

The same questions were proposed to the rest severally, before they were admitted.

1767 – Stationed at Newcastle

1768 – Stationed at Haworth

1769 – Stationed at Lincolnshire East

1770 – Stationed at Lincolnshire West

1771 – Stationed at Cornwall West

1772 – Stationed at Cornwall East

1773 – Desisted from travelling

Desisted from travelling was usually due to illness or infirmity but no details were given at this early stage of the recording of minutes.

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