AFFLECK, Abia 1759 - 1808

Obituary The Methodist Magazine 1809 - Page 173

JANUARY 7, 1808, died Mrs. Abia Aflleck, of Dunbar.

She was the daughter of the late. Mr.William Minethorp, of Burton Houfe, near York ; and was born in March, 1745. Her natural difpofition was placid, and agreeable ; but, like too many of the human race, fhe was little concerned about her eternal interefts; till the year 1759, when God was pleased to convince her of her finfulnefs and guilt, by the miniftry of the Methodift Preachers. From that time till the year 1763, fhe brought ” forth fruits, meet for repentance,” and then, under a fermon of her brother’s, Mr. W. Minethorp, the Lord was gracioufly pleafed to fpeak peace to her foul.

In the year 1768, fie was married to Mr. Andrew Affleck, and removed with him from Yorkshire to Chefterhall, near Dunbar, where, for near forty years, fhe adorned the doctrine of God her Saviour, in all things. The love of God abundantly fhed abroad in her heart, manifefied its influence in bringing forth much fruit, in her life and converfation : and united her to the caufe, and people, ambaffadors of od ; whom fhe loved as her own foul. It may indeed be faid, with great propriety, that fhe was a mother in Ifrael.

On the 6th Spet. fhe was attacked by a nervous fever, which indeed, after three weeks, began to abate : neverthelefs, her ftrength gradually failes, till fhr made her exit. In the courfe of the firft fix weeks of her affliction, I had the opportunity of vifiting, and converfing with her, in general, once a day. And fhe appeared evidently to poffefs ftrong confidence in God, and peace with him through Chrift. I have on these occafions, frequently keard her fay, to her hufband, “Will you give me up ? Do, let me go, let me go.”

When Brother Green came to Dunbar, he found her in the fame peaceful and happy frame of mind, which fhe had been in from the beginning of her affliction : fhe, however, frequently expreffed a defire, for more joy in the Holy Ghoft. And her heavenly Father, who has faid, that he will “withhold no good thing from them that walk uprightly,” abundantly accomplifhed his promife in her by filling her foul with confolation. About a fortnight before fhe departed, her hufband having juft prayed with her, fhe faid, in a very lively and animated manner, “The Lord is prefent with us ; the Lord is prefent with us!” And in a few minutes after broke out in a rapture of joy, faying, “My Lord is come, he is come, and he will leave me no more for ever!”

From that time till fhe bid this vale of tears a final adieu, fhe rejoiced in the Lord God, “with joy unfpeakable and full of glory ; being quite fenfible, though very weak, to the laft. By this difpenfation her hufband has loft a mofe affectionate wife, and the caufe of God a feady, faithful friend : but “Our lofs is her infinite gain.”


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