Centrepiece Ashford


Memorials to those who served and fell in the Great War who worshipped in the Methodist churches in Ashford Kent

          In memory of
B Hills J Cook and
F J Gorham who fell
in the Great War 1914-1918
and in honour of
the following who served

B Terry     R Cook   A Potter
H Cook   R Potter   W Weeks
C Brenchley   E J Fisher
H Croft   H Greenstreet
H H Gardner
Lest we forget





Amos F H       Glover P A       Marsh R S
Barnes W       Glover A          Mace R C
Benham W G  Godden F         Morphy L T
Barton H J      Harden J          Parks M J
Barton E         Hughes C J      Parsley B C
Barton H         Hamblin L        Pearson W A
Bampton F      Iddenden A R   Richardson W A
Burbridge J N  Jones W           Robertson A
Burbridge RCG Jackson P        Spicer F J
Buckman A      Jeffrey S H      Spicer L R
Cooling R V      Jeffrey R         Taylor F T
Cottrell H         Kirkness H A    Weeber A
Crouch S          Knock H          Woolley E
Guttridge G A   Knock F           Martin L J
Glover J A        Knock N
Glover W L       Lee H S
Glover O B       Luckhurst L


Their names liveth for evermore
In memory of
Alfred Reginald Amos
Francis Arthur Barker
Alfred Cottrell
Wilfred Frampton
Arthur Edward Hughes
Leslie Alfred Ingall
Edgar Knock
George Ethelbert Spice
Barnes Usherwood
Jehu Jones Usherwood
Harry Wicks

of this church who gave their lives in
the Great War 1914-1918 a memorial cot
has been placed in the National Children’s
Home & Orphanage to perpetuate in loving
ministry their name and memory