Elham Methodist Church, Kent

World War 1 Memorial Plaques

Elham Methodist Church in Kent has two World War 1 memorial plaques. This happened because there was a Wesleyan Methodist Church and a Bible Christian Chapel (United Methodist) in the village. After Methodist union, in 1932, the Bible Christian Chapel was closed but its plaque was saved and mounted on the wall in the Wesleyan Church. The wooden memorial is the Wesleyan Church’s plaque whilst the marble memorial came from the Bible Christian Chapel.

The Wesleyan Plaque has the following writing on it:

Roll of Honour

W. Athow, J. Blanche, R. Blanche, W. Blanche, J. Baker, W. Carswell, J. Carswell, J. Clayson, C. Clayson, H. Clayson, O. Cole, G. Cole, H. Court, A. Crouch, C. File, A. Friend, W. Hawkins, A. Hayward, S. Kingsmill, C. Kingsmill, J. May, M. Pegden, A. Savage, R. Savage, H. Smith, E. Southern, P. Sutton, W. Swain, F. Terry, A. Terry, J. Taylor, E. Wakefield, H. Wakefield, H. Webb, H. Webb [sic], S. Woodbridge, J. White, W. White, G. White, E. Wiles, H. Wiles.


The Bible Christian (United Methodist) Plaque has the following on it:

Lest We Forget

To the memory

of those who gave their lives for

their country, in the Great War


J. Baldock, W. J. Cole, C. Carswell, W. I. Clayson, A. Hayward, C. Packer, W. Pegden, A. Pegden, F. Savage, W. White.

The End Crowns the Work

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