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Sporting Teams 1937 -1938

I recently purchased a copy of the celebration dinner menu for the East Ham “Prims” Football Club on winning the London Methodist Cup in the 1936 – 1937 Season and wanted to share it.

In looking into the team I found, on the East Ham Methodist Church website, a photograph. One of the church members at East Ham has been able to identify the goalkeeper in the picture as Dennis Leader. The other team member she can definitely name is Mr E (Ted) Jarman  who is pictured second from the left in the front row. Both feature as proposers of Toasts on the menu. Den Leader was also the  Hon Sec listed on the back page. There was also a further photograph of a membership card for the cricket club from the following year with many of the same names on it.

The church had uploaded the photographs so that they do not disappear into obscurity and have kindly agreed that I can reproduce them here alongside the Menu.

If you would like to know a little more about the church and its current work please visit their website http://easthammethodist.christianityinview.com/

If anyone has any information about the teams or anyone in them or indeed about the London Methodist Cup competition it would be wonderful to record it here as I can find nothing about it on the internet myself.

Thank you.


Menu Front
Chris Hancock
Menu Inside
Chris Hancock
Team Signatures
Chris Hancock
The Team
East Ham Methodist Church
Cricket Membership Card
East Ham Methodist Church

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  • I have a picture of ‘the Prims’, from 1929-30. This picture, unlike yours from a few years later, features my grandfather, Philip Armon. I notice Grandad also features as a vice president of the cricket club on the 1938 membership card you’ve uploaded.

    I’ve had my photo since Grandad died, in 1991, and I recently found it again during a house move. It features 13 footballers, three suited gentlemen who I guess might be club officials, a trophy, and a football between the knees of the club captain, with ‘EHPM Winners Division X WH CC FL 1929-30’ written on it.

    I was looking at the writing on the football in my picture, and was wondering what the ‘P’ in the ‘EHPM’ stood for. I suspected it stood for ‘Primitive’ (Prims), and your post seems to confirm this. I’m now wondering what the full name of the local league ‘WH CC FL’ might be. My guess would be West Ham C_ Churches Football League. But I can’t think what the first ‘C’ might stand for?

    I’d be happy to email you my photo, if you’re interested. I believe my dad and my uncle, now living in the North of England and Australia.. will be able to tell me some of the names of Grandad’s team-mates. But I guess other readers of your site might also be able to help.

    By Jeremy Armon (27/09/2015)
  • East Ham Prims. F. C.

    Season 1939-1940

    Winners of West Ham and District Churches League

    Winners of London Methodist Cup. 

    According to my copy of this photo the names are as follows:

    Back Row

    A Hilton            (Right Back)

    W Moreland     (Right half)                   

    D Leader           (Goalkeeper)    

    S Sims                (Left half)             

    A Hamilton      Centre half)                           

    L Sims               (left back)

    Front Row

    E Cornell           (O right)                              

    E Jarman           (I right)                           

    N Quicke            (C forward)                      

    H Manktelow   (I left)                                   

    D Miller             (O left)

    E Cornell being my late father and W Moreland his brother-in-law. 

    By M Doxford (17/02/2015)

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