Cookham Rise Methodist Church

General view 7.10.2015
G W Oxley
Side view 7.10.2015
G W Oxley
Tower 7.10.2015
G W Oxley

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  • Cookham Rise Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Berkshire
    In 1940 Cookham Rise Wesleyan Methodist Chapel seated 207 people in pews. There was a school hall and two other rooms.
    This is a quite remarkable building. The prominent bargeboard and the very unusual tower reflect current trends in architecture but the buttresses and the lancet window in the tower suggest that the architect had not quite thrown off the tyranny of the Gothic
    John Rylands Library University of Manchester DDPD1Methodist Accommodation returns, 1940/110110
    Site visit 7.10.2015

    By G W Oxley (08/01/2020)
  • Cookham Rise Chapel was erected in 1904-5 (Buildings of England, Berkshire, p253)

    By GW Oxley (28/10/2015)

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