Batley Central Methodist Church

Cross Bank Wesleyan Chapel Batley, Roll of Honour

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Roll of Honour 1914-1919
Members of this Church and School who served in the Great War

Ethel Atkinson, C Atkinson, P Atkinson,     J Atkinson, M Atkinson, R Arrand,            W Asquith, N Audsley, A Auty, C Ball,     *A Barber, S Barker, F Beaumont,           H Beevers, J Bickerdike, P Blamires,         J Bond, H Booth, F Boothroyd, H Boynes,
J Boynes, L Boynes, R Brearley, W Brearley, W Brewin, D Broadley, S Broadley,
J Bromley, F Brook, S Brook, H S Brown, A Bruce, C Bruce, N Bruce, W Bruce, F Cape,
L Clegg, R Coggon, *T Cook, A Commins, L Dean, B Ely, J Emsley, A Exley, W Farrar,
H Fenton, W Fenton, W H Flathers, G Fox, E France, L Garner, *E Garside, *H Garside,
*L Garside, J Gill, W Gill, A Gillion, J Gillion, J Glen, P Goodall, L Gooder, G W Gregory,
H Hall, R Harrogan, S Hepworth, R Hill, F Hirst, *W Hobson, A P Holmes,
*W E Holmes, James Hudswell, Joe Hudswell, John Hudswell, T Hudswell, *H Ineson,
J Ineson, W Ineson, T H Ingham, W Ingham, A Jackson, Ellis Jackson, Ernest Jackson,
W H Jackson, F Jowett, G Kelly, A Land, W Lockwood, John Sykes, C H Lodge, *G E Lodge,
A Messenger, H Micklethwaite, *F Midgeley, L Midgeley, A Millman, F Moody,
*J W Mortimer, A North, J Northrop, H Oakland, *T Oakland, W Pickles, *H Pollard,
*A Preston, W Priestley, *A Redfearn, *G Ridsdale, *A Roberts, T Roberts, *W Rothery,
E Rumbold, *G H Ryan*L Ryan, *J T Rymer, N Scargill, N Schofield, M Scott, P Scott,
M Senior, J H Sheard, *C Speight, Sidney Speight, Squire Speight, C Stokes, H Sykes,
*J Sykes, *W Taylor, C Templeton, H S Thompson, R Thompson, S Thornes, A Turner,
G Walker, H Walker, *I Walker, Joe Walker, John Walker, S Walker, M Watson, B Whittaker,     H Wilkinson, N Wilkinson, *R Wilkinson, H A Willans, F Wilson
Note: * indicates those killed

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  • I’ve stumbled on this page by accident. My grandfather was Willie Farrar (1880-1943) and I just wonder is he the W Farrar listed above. I know my grandad was a Sunday School teacher at Purlwell Methodist Chapel after the war. Is this he too?

    By Alan Farrar (08/05/2016)

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