Ainsworth Methodist Church Organ

Existing Ainsworth Methodist Church, pre-electric lighting, with the original organ
Ainsworth Methodist Church Organ

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  • The organ as this report says was originally in the Jumbo Methodist Church Middleton Junction. It had a unique feature in that it was built in 1911 on wheels, wheels about 16″ on diameter. At the back of the chapel was the large school hall and the wall between the chapel and school rolled up into the ceiling. For Anniversary services in May or other special occasions the wall was pushed up into the ceiling and the organ pushed on lines to the back wall of the school hall. The choir pews and communion would then be pushed into the school hall in front of the organ. Forms and chairs would be put in the space left by the organ and other church furniture. It was designed like this as the chapel was only small and wouldn’t have accommodated the large amount of people who attended the three services on Anniversary Day.
    It took about 6 men to push the organ into the school and one year the moveable wall wasn’t pushed to its stop and it caught the lowest note of the great open diapason causing a dinge in the pipe, that is still there to this day, it can’t be seen in the above photo.

    By Alan Ogden (01/11/2022)

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