Can you help identify these people and places?

Old photos from MWiB archives

Do you recognise any of the people or places in these photographs which were found in the MWiB archives in the basement of Methodist Church House?

Can you tell us what the event was or when it happened? Were you there?

Let us know by adding a comment to this page!

(Each photo has a reference number)

If you think you actually took any of the photos and are happy to let them appear on this site, please tell us so we can credit you.

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  • A13 and A34 both have my mother on (Mrs Mary Lenton) However, someone has added her name below A14. This picture is NOT of her.

    By John Lenton (29/10/2015)
  • A19 – the lady in the centre of the photo is Anne Knighton

    By Sarah Braisdell (24/04/2015)
  • Audrey Ancrum (A 14) is a friend, and godmother  to one of my daughters. I sent the details to her in New Zealand where she lives (and is a retired Methodist minister there), and she has sent this reply:

    “Those photos were a real hoot!  Certainly triggered a few memories ‘though I only recognise those of Una and myself. 

    Una Carrick and I were Sec. and Chairwoman respectively of Morpeth Young Wives in the early 1970’s.Our group had been very enthusiastic about supporting fund-raising for Leprosy – hence the book in my hand in picture A14.  We had some particular good news as our adopted leprosy patient was cured through our efforts, plus of course all the support staff on the ground in E.Africa. Conference was held in Newcastle upon Tyne 26-28 June 1973 at the Civic Centre and the Methodist Recorder was looking for some info. on local projects, so we were invited along to meet a reporter and photographer to share our story. At that time Young Wives were a thriving group within the church. In the same year I attended a nation-wide conference at the Swanwick Centre in Derby called “Young Wives on the Freedom Road” as president-electof Y.Wives for the Newcastle Circuit for 1974. I felt very badly when I had to withdraw as we decided to emigrate to New Zealand later in 1973. Rev.Kenneth Waightes was Chairman of the Newcastle District at this time and we occasionally saw him in the pulpit at Newcastle where he was a very lively preacher.  He said he once had ambitions to go on the stage and we appreciated his theatrical flair and strong message. I have to admit that I couldn’t remember all the detail of the above, but we billetted a delegate to Conference although weren’t eligible to attend ourselves, so naturally were more than usually interested in the event.” Hope this adds to the store of info for you. Kind regards Andrew. 

    By Revd Andrew Mackenzie (28/01/2015)
  • A7/8 is at the Hayes, taken during the Young Wives Conference arranged by Women’s Fellowship in the late 1960s. I am at the front furthest from the camera and we are all members of the Connexional Young Wives Committee.   Beatrice Cloke

    By Beatrice Cloke (28/01/2015)
  • Sister Clare Powers, later Rev Clare Powers is on A6 right, A7, A8 front with camera and A12 with camera.

    By Liz Green (26/01/2015)
  • Yes, the person in the middle on A13, and on A34 is Mary Lenton, who was (among many other things) Vice-President of the Methodist Conference in 1978 (for further details, see the Dictionary of Methodism).

    By Susan Howdle (23/01/2015)
  • A6 on Right Sister Clare Powers (WF Sec) at Swanwick

    A7/A8 Front rt June Lunn left Sr Clare Powers

    A12 front rt Sr Clare Powers

    A13 Mary Lenton (Centre)

    A18/19 in background rt with glasses Margaret Davies (wife of Rev. Rupert Davies tutor at Didsbury College Bristol)

    A34 definitely Mary Lenton 

    By Gill Jewell (23/01/2015)
  • The church in the photo A1 is St John’s Methodist Church, Basford, in the Nottingham North Circuit. The society is now closed and the building being used by another denomination. 

    By Revd Adam Stevenson (22/01/2015)
  • The photograph A33 is of Joyce Ridley from Sunderland.  I have no idea when or where it was taken or what the occasion was, but Joyce (and her husband Bill) was a friend of my parents.

    By Graham Carter (22/01/2015)
  • Photo 34 seems familiar to me.  I think it is Mary Lenton who was the Governor’s wife at the NCH Birmingham Branch when I was a member of staff in the late 50s.  I think she held other important positions in the Methodist Church but others could probably fill you in there.

    By Joyce Major (22/01/2015)
  • I think A13 – lady in the middle is Mary Lenton who was Vice-President of the Conference in 1978

    By Alan Ashton (22/01/2015)
  • I think that A8 was taken at Swanwick. I recognise June Lunn in the dark glasses, Margaret Horner behind her, is it Elizabeth Kissack next to her and Jennifer Woolf wearing dark suit and glasses?

    By Glenda Clark (22/01/2015)
  • I presume others will have recognised the location but I think A7 & 8 are taken at The Hayes Swanwick Derbyshire

    By Bob Lawe (21/01/2015)

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