More mystery photos from MCH basement!

MWiB archives, second batch

Can you help identify any of these people and places from photos found in Methodist Church House?

Please add a comment to the page (each picture has a reference number).

If you think you actually took any of the photographs, (and are happy for them to appear on this site), please let us know so that we can credit you.

We think B1 to B17 were taken at The Hayes, Swanwick, during the Young Wives Conference in May 1971. Perhaps you were there and recognise some of the people? Do you remember Mrs Brenda Crowe fro the Pre-School Play Group Movement speaking on child behaviour?

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  • B19 and 20 have my mother Mary Lenton presenting Sister Clare Powers with a picture which looks as though its the view from Westminster Central Hall. Clare had been working for WF at WCH and was moving on. My mother was Chair of WF.

    B23 has my mother doing another presentation. Clare is there also.

    B31 and B32 are at a meeting of WF. My mother is on the far left seated at a table with her back to the camera. By the number of papers my guess is it is while she was chair. In B31 the standing speaker at the back is certainly Anne Knighton as someone else has said.

    By John Lenton (29/10/2015)
  • B14, 15 & 16 – the lady is Kath Owen from the Salford Circuit.

    B23 – the first on the left is Sister Clare Powers.

    B28 - The lady on the right is Margaret Sims (nee Peace). She went from Huddersfield to work as a Secretary for Women’s Fellowship in London around the late 1960s. Here she is making a presentation to Sister Clare Powers when she left to become a presbyter. 

    B30 - The Minister is George Sails. 

    B31 - Anne Knighton is the lady standing by the wall. 

    B34 - The gentleman may be Rev. Bernard Dowding. 

    By Sarah Braisdell (24/04/2015)

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