MAYC memories

Some goodies from the garage!

The MAYC London Weekend was a great opportunity for many of us to encounter Methodism at its loudest and youngest when we were growing up.

Some of us didn’t see many young people in our churches from week to week and to be part of worship in the Royal Albert Hall was a real eye-opener.

Here are a few mementoes from those days, dug out of a pile of treasures we uncovered in the garage.

The T-shirt belonged to Joy (nee Penberthy) who went to London Weekend with her youth group from St Leonards, Hastings, East Susses. She made the scarf in the memorable MAYC colours of yellow and green.

On the scarf is a sticker from the Provincial Weekend Northern Lights, hosted in Middlesborough in 2003. That must have been one our daughter Sian went to.

The badge is for Breakout in Birmingham. There’s no year on it but I remember we took a group from Cornwall.

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  • Has any one connected to this site got spare London weekend programmes ?
    The RAH has an archive and I’m taking an item there. They have all programmes from LW except these years.

    1960 1973 1981 1985
    Can you help? I am trying as many places as possible 😉

    By Dianne Bonner (08/02/2024)

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