MAYC London Weekend 1988

Change of Heart - Souvenir Programme

Change of Heart Cover
Chris Hancock

The 1988 MAYC London Weekend was titled “Change of Heart”.

I have acquired a copy of the programme which I have scanned to share with you, just click on the link below.

I have removed the hymn words which are marked as copyright but left the first line so you will know what was sung!

Although I collect things mainly for their historical interest, I always look for some links to my own history and interestingly with this programme I notice that there was a Steel Band “Dayspring” from Earlsdon Methodist Church in Coventry. My Father went to be Superintendent Minister there the following year in 1989.

I also noticed that half of the London Weekend Offering was given to the Methodist Association of Youth Fellowships in Sierra Leone. Which if you have perused the rest of this site you will see that I have a little involvement with the Nixon Memorial Hospital in Sierra Leone. Sadly the great need identified in the programme was intensified three years later when the Sierra Leone civil war broke out.

“Unfortunately” in my badge collection I don’t yet have one for 1988 so……

If anyone was there and has any pictures or souvenirs of the weekend I am sure we could get this page updated to include them. Also any information on the people or groups in the programme would, I am sure, be fascinating.

It looks to me as if the Dayspring Steel Band is still in existence and performing some information on them can be found at




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  • I was in the show in the Albert Hall on the saturday night and then in the worship on the sunday morning. Loved london weekends

    By Jacqui (06/11/2021)
  • Lovely to see that programme seeing as I wrote it and don’t have one! wow what a lot of work by everyone and what a fab thing the London Weekend was. 1988 was the year we did not go to Trafalgar Square for Rendezvous as it was getting too complicated and the police weren’t happy, neither were some leaders!!! change !! I haven’t got a badge either but I have a T shirt…

    By vanessa (05/04/2021)
  • I was in Dayspring Steel band and played there that year. We played at MAYC a few times over the years. Wonderful and very special memories.

    Dayspring is indeed still going strong, in various guises!

    By S Flude (29/03/2021)
  • Fantastic Memory. Became a Christian this weekend in 1988. So grateful for the event. Thanks for the memory.

    By Bryan Morrissey (28/03/2020)

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