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I have been reading the recollections and mention of MAYC weekends with Len Barnett (he married us) Do you know that a recording was made of the 1958 Albert Hall show? It was a private recording with limited copies to order on a 12 inch vinyl record (LP).I have one and to play it brings back very happy memories. You hear Len Barnett, Reg Bedford, Steve Race and the choir etc.Last year I found a programme for my computer so that I could copy this to CD If any of you reading this would like a copy I can supply one. My email is Nina & I were members and then leaders of The APEX Youth Club at North Cheam and participated in Operation Friendship in which London area Clubs accommodated visiting clubs to the London Weekend. The brainchild of Leonard Barnett when the Clapham deep shelters were closed up to then used as accommodation.I have recently written to The Methodist Recorder following concerns about the lack of Youth work in our Church.

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  • I was there 60or 61
    not sure but we. sang The dam busters,and. Cliff richard was there .I can remember some of the words but not all. I remember the Sunday service was televised and my parents tried to find us on the tv.

    By Kath thomas (11/04/2021)
  • No not this year. If you would like a copy of the record on CD I can still supply if you send your postal address.

    By David Lamb (02/05/2019)
  • Hello David

    Was the 1958 weekend when the choir sang The Dam Busters ? I’m afraid neither my husband nor I can remember anymore detail but we would have been 15 at the time and highly likely to have been there. We remember accommodating other clubs and also I think Cliff Richard attended one of the Albert Hall “shows”?
    Just wondering if 1958 was the year.

    By Sue Wenn (27/04/2019)

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