JMC Medal Competiton Bolton Part 2

Article from THE FOREIGN FIELD Magazine 1910

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THE FOREIGN FIELD of the Wesleyan Methodist Church No. 65 January 1910

How Bolton Encourages its Young People

Under the above heading we published in October an account of a Medal Competition in Bolton, organised by Mr. T. Stanley Walker. This has created considerable interest among readers of THE FOREIGN FIELD, and it has been suggested that we might print the Competition Rules, which we have pleasure in doing. We also reproduce a photograph of the successful competitors.

Medal Competition – Rules for Competitors

  (1) All competitors shall be members of a Sunday school in one of the following Circuits: Bolton, Bridge Street, Wesley, Park Street, Mission and Farnworth.

  (2) That at least four-fifths of the total amount subscribed shall have been collected in either Weekly or Monthly payments. Any Collector having more than one-fifth of the total amount collected other than in Weekly or Monthly payments will not be disqualified, but the amount exceeding one-fifth will be deducted from the total.

  (3) The individual collecting the largest amount in the Circuits above named in any given year of twelve moths shall hold the Gold Medal for the following year.

  (4) Should the same individual be successful in collecting the largest amount three years in succession, the medal to become the property of that Collector.

  (5) A Silver Circuit Medal will be presented each year to the individual obtaining the largest amount in his or her Circuit, provided such amount is over £5.

  (6) That no collector shall receive a Silver Medal more than once, but if again successful in obtaining the largest amount in any year, a Silver Bar will be attached to the medal, with the current year engraved upon it. In this event the medal will be presented to the next highest Collector, provided the amount is over £5.

  (7) Only one Silver Medal and one Bar (if necessary) will be awarded yearly for each Circuit.

  (8) A Medal will be presented yearly to each Collector obtaining £5 and over, but in the event of this amount being collected more than one year by the same person, a Bar will be attached for each subsequent year.

  (9) That competitors for the Medals be eligible to compete up to the age of twenty-one years; but in the case of the Gold Medal, should a competitor who has won the same two years in succession be twenty-one years of age at the completion of the second year, such competitor would be allowed to complete the three years necessary to obtain the medal.

  (10) That these conditions apply both to collectors for Foreign Missions only, and also to those who collect on the Blake system in our Juvenile Association.

  (11) A declaration must be signed by the Local Secretary stating that these rules have been faithfully adhered to by the competitors.

  (12) That the winners of the medals attend the Young People’s Demonstration of the District Missionary Anniversary to receive the medals, otherwise they will be disqualified, excepting the case of sickness or other unavoidable reason, when a deputy may receive it.

Bolton Successful Competitors
The FOREIGN FIELD (January 1910)

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