JMC DSO medals and bars

Gold and Silver coloured

As I have collected my set of bars I have a few sets which are a bit unusual. One I posted part of with a question re a badge attached to the set so I attach that set in its full glory.

I think the initials on the attached badge must be E(the church name) Wesleyan Methodist Junior Foreign Missionary Association. The Brigade Captain is I assume the Girl’s Life or Boys Brigade. Holder of the shield – best collector that year?

If anyone knows anything about this set I would love to hear from you.

The other two sets are a gold coloured set and a silver coloured.

Following my post on the Bolton competition I wonder if this was a similar idea later on?

My set from Stanley Sowton had one silver coloured medal and a year bar for 1943. The second set is a medal and bars from 1944 – 1948.

The “gold” medal has the name Donald F Kingswood and the year 1925 engraved on the back. It has two gold coloured bars for 1926 and 1928 which is in itself a little odd unless he kept his bronze and gold bars on different medal ribbons before 1932?

If anyone knows anything about why the silver and gold versions were produced or has other years in different coloured metal I would be delighted if you could post a picture on the site so that we can either solve or add to the mystery.

JMC DSO and Bars set 1
Chris Hancock
JMC DSO gold and silver bars
Chris Hancock
JMC DSO medal engraved back
Chris Hancock

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  • Hi David,

    Thanks for the information. Would it be possible for you to add a picture of your medal and bars or send one to the editor and we will add for you.

    I have not seen any silver bars other than in the 1940s and it would be great to have a photograph of them on the site.

    If you have any certificates or other badges it would also be great to see them.

    Thanks once again. Chris

    By Chris Hancock (23/07/2016)
  • The brown colour was if you raised £5 in a year and the silver one was, if I remember correctly, if you raised £20. I assume the gold one, which I have never seen, would be for over £100? I got the brown and silver ones in the 1950s, which I have still got. My mother got hers a lot earlier. JMC is the Junior Methodist Church collecting for the Methodist Missionary Society

    By david (08/07/2016)

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