JMC DSO and JMA Medals and Bars

Full set 1904 - 1991

JMC DSO and Bars Complete Set
Chris Hancock
Mr Stanley Sowton's Presentation Case
Chris Hancock

I have at last made the time to place my JMC DSO / JMA medals and bars into a display. I was so pleased that I have added a picture of them. It needs a bit of tinkering with to even up the lines!

Despite my best efforts I can not discover when JMC became JMA but the earliest I could find was 1969 so I have changed the medal from that date. If anyone knows better please let me know.

The observant amongst you will notice the 2nd medal from the left and the 1943 bar are silver rather than the usual bronze colour. More of that in another post.

The very early ones (1904 – 1951 except 1942?) came from a presentation case owned by Mr Stanley Sowton who was a leading figure in Wesleyan Mission House. I suspect they were given to him as a retirement gift. Sadly the case was full of woodworm so I had to dispose of it. I have attached a picture of the set in its original form.

Mr Sowton wrote a number of books, produced the “Uncle Ned” mission postcard photographs of children and supplied many pictures for and wrote numerous articles in Methodist missionary magazines. When he retired he was the driving force behind the refurbishment of Wesley’s Cottage at Trewint in Cornwall. He is well worthy of another future page I think.

I also have a set of the single colour rainbow year badges and the current year rainbow style ones from my children and will add them to the display next. Now they have grown up I am not sure how I will continue but am sure I will find a way!!

I also have a number of tin badges to add.

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  • My medal, awarded in 1972, is a JMCDSO so the date change was after 1969.

    By Ian Tindall (27/08/2023)

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