Handsworth College Year Photograph

1950 - 1951

I have been given a few items relating to Handsworth College. These are from the family of Rev Alfred De Feu, who trained at the college. I also have a few other items relating to the College.

So that they do not only sit in my files and to preserve them for the future, I add them here.

If you have any other material which fills out the story of this or any other of the training colleges please do add them to the site for us all to share.

Thanks in advance.

Back Row (Left to Right)

Mr Frederick W Stephani

Mr Frank W Smith

Mr John S Loxton B.Sc.

Mr John M E Tucker

Mr John M F Ducker

Mr Cledwyn Parry

Mr E Kenneth Coles

Mr Kenneth A J MArtin

Mr Stanley M Weary

Mr T Roy Wareing

Mr P Guy Seanford

Mr John Morris

Mr Leonard E Sutton

Mr Maurice O Vann

Mr J Anthony F Daw


Second Row

Mr Mr J Watson

Mr Peter R Dennett

Mr T Robert Lovell

Mr Arthur Kirkman

Mr John Beech

Mr Peter G Jarvis

Mr R Philip N Bate

Mr Peter E Coates

Mr Kenneth C G Smith

Mr Allan Kinsey

Mr Redvers G Cornfield

Mr Alan G Merritt

Mr David W Smithson

Mr Norman Forster

Mr R Glyn Williams

Mr J Bryn Jones

Mr Alan F Herrick

Mr Ronald P Marshall

Mr G Raymond Smith


Third Row

Mr Raymond J Billington

Mr W Henry Pittam

Mr Brian V Anderson

Mr John C Allcott

Mr Alan M Hale

Mr R Douglas Walker

Mr George W Kime

Mr Brian L Day

Mr Frederick Parker

Mr Howard M Pearson

Mr Francis E Watts

Mr Geoffrey A Rolph

Mr Cyril L Payne

Mr J Derek Broxholme

Mr Robert R Judkins

Mr Eric W Dykes

Mr Rex Oldham

Mr E Brian Packett

Mr Richard F Lawrence


Front Row

Mr John A Vickers

Mr Leonard C J Oakley

Mr Howard L Skinner

Mr David A Hewitt

Mr J Norman Pickering

Mr Ronald Berry (Secretary)

Rev George W Anderson M.A.

Rev Harold S Darby M.A.

Rev Dr Wilbert F Howard F.B.A.

Rev Philip S Watson M.A.

Rev Michael J Skinner M.A.

Mr Sidney Booth (Chairman)

Mr Norman H Hallam

Mr Brian A Greet

Mr Glanville T Magor

Mr Norman Taylor

Mr W D Stacey

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  • The late Reverend A Hanley Smith was the secretary of the Handsworth College Committee when he passed on February 11, 1949. He even spent 2 years of his ministry training at Handsworth. Do you have any photos of him? He was also the youngest son of Gipsy Rodney Smith, the Evangelist. He is a distant cousin of mine and I’m trying to find more photos of him.

    By Charles Smith (04/07/2020)

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