Handsworth College Year Photograph

1949 - 1950

Class of 49 - 50
Chris Hancock
Those Present
Chris Hancock

I recently acquired a number of Year Photographs from Handsworth College which also have the names of those pictured.

This one is from the year 1949 – 1950.

I have added the names so that these will be indexed on the site.

Back Row

Mr R Douglas Ward

Mr Howard L Skinner

Mr David W Smithson

Mr Alan G Merritt

Mr Norman Forster

Mr Ronald P Marshall

Mr C Raymond Smith

Mr David A Hewitt

Mr Alan M Hale

Mr Kenneth C G Smith

Mr Allan Kinsey

Mr Alan L Griffiths

Mr Raymond J Billington

Mr Sidney Booth

2nd Row

Mr J Roy B Henderson B.A.

Mr Ian H Field

Mr W Herbert Mountford

Mr W Henry Pittam

Mr Ralph Rogerson

Mr Brian V Anderson

Mr Reginald A Tansey

Mr Arthur E Breeze

Mr Francis E Watts

Mr Geoffrey A Rolph

Mr Eric W Dykes

Mr Tudor Davies

Mr R Glyn Williams

Mr J Derek Broxholme

Mr J Ivor H Earl

Mr R Philip N Bate

Mr George W Kime

Mr Eric Challoner

Mr Roy W Dew

Mr Glanville T Magor

3rd Row

Mr John A Vickers

Mr Brian L Day

Mr W David Stacey

Mr John C Allcott

Mr Roy M Widdows

Mr Leonard C J Oakley

Mr Eric Cox

Mr John S Milner

Mr Frederick Parker

Rev G Cornfield

Mr Howard M Pearson

Mr Cyril L Payne

Mr Ronald BErry

Mr Alan F Herrick

Mr Robert R Judkins

Mr Victor E Vine

Mr Ian W Lewis


Mr Howard W Marrall B.A.

Mr Norman Taylor (“Doc”)

Mr George H Yates

Rev Robert O Higginson

Mr Norman H Hallam

Mr J Norman Pickering (Sec)

Rev George W Anderson M.A.

Rev Harold S Derby M.A.

Rev Dr Wilbert F Howard M.A, F.B.A.

Rev Philip S Watson M.A.

Rev Michael J Skinner M.A.

Mr Brian A Greet (Chairman)

Mr Howard Booth

Mr Frederick S Pritchard B.A.

Mr Stanley B Davies

Mr Denis J Creamer B.Sc.

Mr Philip D Hughes

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  • Rev Roy W Dew, came to the Oldham West Circuit, as it was then known,in Sept 1951. He was appointed the oversight of 5 churches Eaves Lane, Cowhill, Washbrook,Turf Lane & New Moston Methodist churches. He left Oldham in August 1954 and Moved to Chirk in North Wales. During his time in Oldham, over 50 young people came into a conversion experience. As a direct result of his ministry a number of those people, among them Brian Fitzpatrick, Malcolm Daley, David Reddish, Donald Bradley, Warren Bardsleybecame ordained ministers in the Methodist Church. Others became Local Preachers. Further information can be found in My Methodist History, under Churches & Chapels/South Chadderton Methodist church.

    By Alan Heywood (09/05/2023)
  • I was delighted to see this photograph. My grandfather the late Rev Dr W F Howard MA, DD, FBA was the Principal. When he retired in 1951 the College arranged a portrait which was subsequently transferred to Queens College. Eventually the Governors decided they no longer wished to have the eyes of illustrious former principals looking down on students so it was returned to the family. I have had it cleaned, varnished and reframed and it now hangs in my home in Edinburgh.

    By Alastair Ogilvie (17/11/2021)
  • We used to go to an open day at the College years ago. Seem to remember getting little blue cartons of salt as a prize in games.

    By Maureen Banks (16/01/2020)
  • My dad was Ralph Rogerson and also had a B.A. even though this is not attached next to his name. Prior to becoming a Methodist Minister he was a RAF Commando where he spent time in Malaya at the end of the 2nd World War , along with a colleague he started a Women’s Hospital as there were no facilities there at that time.
    He was an amazing speaker for God and the churches he ministered to all thrived.
    My dad died in Whitchurch , Hampshire 6 weeks before retiring home to his loved WIDNES in 1989. He is sorely missed by everyone who knew him ,especially by his wife Elsie who remained faithful to him until she died last year 2017 and by myself.

    By Deborah Rogerson Forrest (14/11/2018)
  • Delighted to see this photograph (I also have a copy) on the website. My father was Arthur Edward Breeze.
    I also have a picture of what I believe was the college football team and will submit this in case anyone else is able to identify a family member

    By David Breeze (15/10/2018)
  • My father was C Raymond Smith. I’m writing his ‘story ‘, starting with a timekeeping. He left for college 1948 and his first ‘post ‘ was Manchester Central Hall as assistant industrial chaplain with papers and pictures dated 1951.  How long was the training for ministers then?  Any more info gratefully received. I have pictures from Kinver and press cuttings about a bowls game!?  


    By Jane K Smith (16/08/2018)
  • This photo fills in a little of the family history.  Some people have been slightly confused as to whether my father was on the staff at this time.  He was ordained at Conference in 1949, but remained a student for a further year to complete his Bachelor of Arts in theology.  Hence “Rev. R O Higginson”.

    One of the staff of the college, of whom my father thought very highly, was Rev. Dr. Philip S Watson.  One of his books, “Anatomy of a Conversion, is a scholarly study of the conversion of John and Charles Wesley.  This is something which I think every Local Preacher on trial should read.  (And every Methodist Minister in training should re-read.)

    By Robert Higginson (22/11/2016)

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