Kingswood School, Bath

World War One Memorial

WW1 Memorial Header, Kingswood School Chapel
WW1 Memorial, Kingswood School Chapel

The school chapel was built as a memorial to those one-hundred and sixteen Old Kingswoodians and three former members of staff who died during the First World War.  It was designed by Gunton and Gunton, a London-based firm of architects and opened on 16th June 1922.  Buglers from the Somerset Light Infantry sounded “The last post” before Owen Spencer Watkins dedicated the memorials within it:

“To the Glory of God and in memory of those who gave up their own lives that others might live in freedom, and of Him who gave his whole life in the service of youth.”

List of the Fallen

Andrews, R. F.          Anstey, A. B.
Armitage, G. V. S.    Atkinson, J. M.
Baillie, F. W.             Baker, B. G.
Baker, B. W.             Baker, D. J.
Banks, E. F.              Barber, F. B.
Bayliss, R. B.            Beauchamp, E. W.
Beaumont, J. B.        Bentley, E.  J.
Bestall, E. D.             Blair-Allen, F.
Bone, J. H.                Booth, W. S.
Boulter, D. R.            Braithwaite, E
Britton, H. E.             Brown, P. K.
Burrows, A. H.           Castle, H. W.
Charlesworth, W. A.  Collins, G.
Cooke, A. L.              Cornaby, G. E.
Cornaby, H. A.          Cowling, B.W.K.
Crane, H. E.          Davies, D. O. D.
Day, A. E.                 Day, H. V.
Dove, E. M.               Dove, S. E.
Duthie, K. M.             East, K. D.
Evans, N. E.              Evans, T. E.
Gill, R.                      Good, W. B.
Goudie, A. M.            Goudie, W. J.
Gray, E. C.                Grigg,  J.
Grimshaw, J. E.         Hall, D. B.
Harrison, W. B.       Hart, F. L.
Heaton, E. R.            Henderson, W. D.    Hodgson, O. A.
Hooper, R. M.            Hopwood, M.              Hughes, J. M.                                                    Hutchinson, F.           James, W. G.              Kennaugh, G. E.
Kewley, G. R.            Kewley, J. T.               Kirk, J. A. C.
Labbett, J. W. H.       Lockhart, R. F.            Mayer, D. L.
Mayer, J. S.              Osborn, H.                  Oswald, N.
Parson, E. E.             Parsons, E. M.            Parsons, H. F.
Peel, A.                      Philipson, E. C.           Phillips, S. V.
Picot, F.                    Piercy, W. A.               Pinfield, T. H.
Potts, A. W. S.          Powell, G. W.              Puddicombe, J. F.
Reader, W. H.           Rees, A. M.                 Restarick, R
Rex, H. W.                 Riddett, N. L.              Roberts, C. G.
Roebuck, A. E. E.      Rossall, J. R.               Sarchet, H Le G.
Shafto, J. S.              Slack, W. J.                Smith, D. G.
Smith, R. F.              Smith, Y.                     Spensley, F. O.
Spoor, H. M.              Streat, S.                    Swithenbank, L. S.
Taggart, C.               Taylor, J. I.                 Taylor, R. L.
Thackray, E. W.        Theobald, W. O.         Thomas, W. O.
Thompson, F. D.        Toft, H. R.                  Treleaven, N. H.
Underwood, L. E.       Wansbrough, C. V.     Wardell, W. M.
Waterhouse, F. N.      Waterhouse, R. D.      Watson, K. R.
Weaver, E. A.            Whitbread, L. G.         Wildblood, W. A.
Williams,  D. R. V.      Williams, L. A.

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