Christmas Band 1915

United Methodist Church, Nether Alderley, Cheshire

The page from the Missionary Echo where the photograph appeared

This photograph was printed by Mr E Bullock of Macclesfield and published in ‘The Missionary Echo’. Many of the men lived in Nether Alderley and probably attended the chapel at Soss Moss Hall. There is a possibility that some of then went to war in the next couple of years and maybe did not come back.

The names we know so far are;

Back row, from the left;

B1 wearing a dog collar- possibly the local Minister?

B2 possibly a Jennings, strong family likeness


B4 Albert Henry Dawson, farmed at Soss Moss Hall, Nether Alderley

B5-B9 not known

Front Row, from the left;

F1 John Henry Jennings, engineer, established the business that became J H Jennings & Co, Motor Body Builders, Sandbach


F3 Ernest Webb, farmed Sandle Heath Farm/ Chandlers Farm, Nether Alderley

F4 Jesse Baskerville, farmed Corbishley Farm, Nether Alderley

F5 Adam Dawson, farmed Orrells Well, Chorley, Alderley Edge


Can you help fill in the gaps?


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  • My father remembers attending services of this church held in the kitchen of Soss Moss Hall in the 1930’s when his uncle, Wilfred Proudlove,EBOBC farmed Soss Moss Hall

    By Robert Proudlove (02/12/2017)
  • Comments on relationship between 4 members of the UM Christmas Band.

    Albert Henry Dawson (b 1878) and Adam Dawson (b 1865) were brothers. Their father was John Dawson (b1841). John and his brother William (b1842) were the sons of Adam Dawson (b 1810). All farmed in Nether Alderley or thereabouts.

    My wife’s great grandfather, James Dawson (b 1868) was William’s son and also farmed in Nether Alderney before moving to Warwickshire, around 1900. James’s daughter Cicely married William Snelson (also from Cheshire farming stock around Lower Withington and Swettenham) about 1924.

    Jess Baskerville (b 1875) was the son of Thomas (1835-1919) and Betsy Baskerville, who were heavily involved in the building of Nether Alderley Methodist Church. 

    Ernest Webb was the son of George Webb (b1845). Ernest’s brother James (b1874) married Jess Baskerville’s sister Ruth (b1877) in 1902, before also moving to farm in Warwickshire.

    I have a family tree which links all of these four band members, either directly or through marriage. This originates from a group wedding photograph from 1920, of the wedding of Thomas Baskerville’s grandson, William Norman Barber, the son of Thomas’s daughter Margaret Barber (nee Baskerville), to May Snelson at Pickford Grange Farm, Warwickshire.

    Randle Baskerville (Jess’s brother)’s son Alan was married to James Dawson’s daughter Nora (Cicely Dawson’s sister).

    Although this shows the close relationships between practising Methodist farming families in Cheshire in the late 19th century it also shows a definite move of farmers from Cheshire to Warwickshire, allegedly because land was cheaper, making purchase more attractive.

    By Eric Rose (03/05/2017)

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