National Children's Home, Frodsham

NCH Frodsham

I believe that there was a NCH at Frodsham in Cheshire and would like to know more about it as I believe one of my family worked there circa 1917. I have tried in vain to find out if there were any records kept. Does any one know ? The only clue is a message on a postcard , and I don’t have the postcard, someone else sold it on eBay.

The post card was addressed to Mr Croft, 66 Oxford St, Old Trafford, Manchester and was from his daughter Evina Croft. She wrote;

 Dear Father and Mother, This is a small view of some of the girl’s houses & the building with the tower is the Church & School. The houses are arranged in a semicircle boys one side and girls the other. I have just taken our youngest boy two and a half years old a walk in his pram it is a beautiful afternoon & hope it will be as nice as this on Friday. The air is very fresh but it is cold. I am alright, yours ERC

I would love to know the location of other NCHs as I think Evina may have worked in others in the country as well. 

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  • Hello Marion not sure if you know there is a group on Facebook for the home please click on the link and send an invite there’s lots of members who would so welcome you

    By Angela (09/06/2022)
  • There is some information, including pictures, about the NCH at Frodsham here;

    By Pamela Atkins (23/11/2016)
  • Many thanks for the link to the website, which is very informative and the plans of the home match the description on the postcard.

    By marion M (23/11/2016)

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