Rev Samuel Fear

Canadian pioneer

Rev Samuel Fear
Methodist Archive, Victoria University

Samuel Fear was born in Shepton Mallet, Somerset on Sept. 15th 1802. After moving from agricultural labouring to a brief spell in Beeston, Nottingham in the lace-making industry, he emigrated to  North America, arriving in Guelph, Ontario, on 1st June 1836. He died while preaching in 1896 and is buried in Elora Municipal Cemetery, 20 miles north of Guelph. His son, James Fear, followed him into ministry but died aged 29 in 1870.

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  • My father was Robert Adam Fear, born 1918. His father was Samuel Lorne Fear, born 1884. Ancestry is out of whack because it lists Samuel Lorne’s father as Rev. Samuel Fear, who was born in 1802. He would have been 82 when Lorne was born. So there is a missing link there. Elizabeth “Eliza” was the Rev’s first wife. After she died he married Ann Hough.

    By Julia (Fear) Rohan (17/02/2023)
  • Just to clarify: I am a Methodist Presbyter, researching my own Fear family (from Blagdon) and came across Rev Samuel as part of that. However, I have not yet found the ‘missing link’ between the branches, but it does seem likely that a common ancestor existed. I see a strong family resemblance in Rev Sam’s photo! I had contact with the San Diego branch a few years ago and have some of their tree filed away still. Rev Jane (nee Fear) Harris

    By K M Jane Harris (21/05/2021)
  • I’m another Fear, but in Kitchener. My great grandfather, Lewis Fear, son of William and Hester Fear, was born in the Shepton Mallet area of Somerset, at Ashwick. – Jon Fear

    By Jon Fear (18/05/2021)
  • I’m from another part of this family.  My grandfather’s grandfather was Samuel Fear, son of Rev. Samuel Fear.  It is my understanding that Rev. Samuel and his wife, Eliza, emigrated with a number of children and ended up in Elora Ontario, Canada.  My grandfather was Russell Fear, who was a son of Samuel Moir Fear, who was a son of Samuel Fear, the son of Rev. Samuel Fear.  We grew up in Southern Ontario, near Blyth, Ontario.  Can you tell me any further information re: Rev. Samuel & prior??  Thanks


    By Katherine (Fear) Wilson (02/07/2014)
  • Thank you for writing about my great, great grandfather. I am researching my family’s history on my father (William Nevins Fear’s) side and find this fascinating. I am related through Samuel’s son, John Wesley Fear, who was father of Weber Clare Fear, my grandfather whom I never met. Mary Josephine Fear b 4-18-1954.

    By Mary Jo Fear (11/03/2014)

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