Middlesbrough Grange Road Methodist chapel

When the Primitive Methodist Conference came to Middlesbrough in 1932 – the very last Primitive Methodist Conference – one of the services was held in Grange Road chapel.  We have the photograph from the Conference Handbook.

However, I can find no reference to a Primitive Methodist chapel in Grange Road in any of the normal sources and it turns out that it was a United Methodist chapel.  The Ordnance Survey map of 1929 shows it at the corner of Victoria Square, at the junction of Dunning Road and Grange Road and that is the chapel in the picture.

It was not uncommon for the Primitive Methodist Conference to use a venue belonging to another denomination, especially if they needed to accommodate more people.

Middlesbrough Grange Road United Methodist chapel
1932 Primitive Methodist Conference Handbook; Englesea Brook collection

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  • We have discovered a book about the history of Grange Road Methodist Church, we’d be happy to pass it on for information it is dated from 1877- 1927

    By Jo Graham (05/06/2021)

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