Brunswick Chapel, Leeds

When I was a child, my parents talked of Brunswick Methodist Church in Leeds, and of the great preachers there, especially W E Sangster, and Leslie Weatherhead. Great crowds used to gather on Sunday evenings, and one had to queue round the building to get a seat for the service. When Brunswick closed down, my parents managed to obtain a plaque, which used to hang in the church entrance, as a memento. The inscription is a poem, which begins ‘Enter this door as if the floor within were gold’. The whole thing looks as though it’s been done lovingly by perhaps a member of the congregation on a piece of varnished plywood, now a little chipped in places. I wish I could find a good home for it, as we’re a bit short of room here.

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  • Does anyone have any photographs of Brunswick church that are not already on the Internet? Also if anyone has a recording of the organ that would be great 🙂

    By Steve Parkin (04/11/2020)
  • Christmas morning about 1964, the BBC broadcast live its Christmas morning service from Brunswick Methodist Chapel, possibly for the World Service. Our school choir, Lawnswood High School , was invited to lead the singing of the Christmas hymns. The choir’s conductor was Agnes Clayton , who had strong Methodist connections. Many of us choir members had some difficulty reaching the church from our homes in the suburbs , as there were no buses, being Christmas .I had never been in such a large church with upstairs seating before. At the time , many people who formerly lived in Little London were being rehoused by Leeds corporation on the edge of the city, so there were not many local people to swell the congregation. The part of the sermon I remember was the minister reaching out to his world wide audience my mentioning Millie, a Jamaican whose song My Boy Lollipop was currently in the top ten.

    By Helen Firth (19/07/2020)
  • Can you take a photo of the plaque and send it to ?
    It would be great if we could add it to this page.

    By Pamela Atkins (07/11/2019)

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