Kettering, School Lane, Central Methodist Chapel

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Kettering, School Lane Central Methodist Chapel was built of brick in 1933, it had seating for 500 in pews in 1940. There were three schoolrooms and 14 other rooms. It remains in use as a Methodist place of worship.

This building resembles a school, telephone exchange, or other public building of the period rather than a place of worship. It may be contrasted with the conventional gothic of Cockermouth, Lorton Street (1932) or the contemporary take on Romanesque at Carlisle Currock Road (1936).


Methodist Chapel returns, 1940, p162

Site visit 31.3.2018

Ketterin,g School Lane, Methodist Chapel, genral view, 31.03.2018
G W Oxley
Ketterin,g School Lane, Methodist Chapel, date plaque, 31.03.2018
G W Oxley

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  • In 1940 the accommodation consisted of a chapel measuring 80 feet by 43 feet and containing 400 sittings on the floor plus 100 in the gallery, all in pews, three halls, 60 feet by 29½ feet, 41½ feet by 24½ feet and 30½ feet by 18 feet and fourteen vestries and classrooms. There were two blocks of buildings separated by a road. The chapel on the south side of School Lane continues to be used as a Methodist place of worship. The Sunday school building on the north side existed as early as 1884 and was probably originally used in conjunction with the Silver Street chapel.
    John Rylands Library University of Manchester, DDPD1/687 Methodist Church Buildings: Statistical returns including seating accommodation as at July 1st 1940
    25 inch OS Northamptonshire XXV 10

    By G W Oxley (13/06/2020)

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