Old West Church

Boston, Massachusetts

Old West Church, United Methodist Church
Ann Fox
Ann Fox
Fisk Organ
Ann Fox



On Sunday 1st September 2013 we attended worship at Old West Church and were made very welcome. Although it has only been a Methodist church since 1962 the building, and its predecessor, has an important and interesting history which can be read here







Information about the Fisk organ can be read here

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  • It was a lovely surprise to come across this entry, as Old West Church Boston is very dear to our hearts. When my husband Peter and I spent a year living in Boston in 1984-5, this was the church where we worshipped. We had perhaps gone with a picture in our minds of a ‘typical’ American Methodist Church but this was far from that – but was where we felt ‘at home’. It was not a large congregation and we got involved in all the problems and fundraising that a large historic building requires, but there was a sense of ‘can do’ that always inspired us. And the music ….! Yuko Hayashi’s organ playing Sunday by Sunday was simply sublime – the highlight being, just before we left, when on the Sunday which coincided with Peter’s birthday she played his favourite Bach Prelude and Fugue as a birthday present! A particular topical point: in 1960 when the Church was actually the local library, it was the local polling station where John and Jackie Kennedy went to cast their votes in the election which brought him into the Presidency, which was cut short so sadly 50 years ago this week.

    By Susan Howdle (21/11/2013)

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