World Federation

World Federation of Methodist & Uniting Church Women (WFM&UCW)


WFM&UCW is a fellowship of officially recognized groups of Methodist women, operating in over 60 countries around the world.  The first charter was signed by 27 nations in 1939.  The World Federation logo is the Tree of Life and the motto, “To know Christ and to make him known”.  The aims are given as, “to help establish Christ’s kingdom among all peoples and in all areas of life; to share the abundant life of Christ through evangelism, healing ministries, education and service to others; to help promote the missionary spirit throughout the world parish; and to seek with women of all lands fellowship and mutual help in the building of a Christian community.”


For the past decade, the Action Plan of the WFM&UCW has focussed on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, aiming to encourage work and awareness-raising by women in many lands. 


The five-yearly World Assembly is a highlight in the WFM&UCW calendar, when women from all around the world gather for worship, prayer, study, action and mutual support.  The next World Assembly in 2016 will be held in Houston, Texas. 

Find out more about WFM&UCW at their website, or record your stories and memories here.