Westleigh Methodist Primary School Log Books

There are three log books stored in the school dating from 1876-1931. The Master or Mistress of a school was required to keep a log book which was a record of school life on a daily basis.

The log books provide us with valuable evidence about life in the school during Victorian times and the early 20th Century. They are a social history about life and events at a local level, but also about national events such as the death of Queen Victoria, the Great War and the coronation of George V, to name a few.

The first log book found is for Westleigh, Wesleyan Infant’s School (1876) but in 1912, there are two log books for the Infant’s Department and the Mixed School. It is clear that the Mixed School was operating as early as 1877 as there are records of children being moved up to the Mixed School. The Log Book for the Infants Department runs alongside the Mixed Department Log Book until April 2nd 1928 when the Headmaster records:

“April 2nd 1928:

The Log Book of the Infants’ Department has been handed to me today as Head of the two departments recognised as one from 1:3:1928 by the Board of Education. John Partington.“