Lancaster Methodist Church

War Memorials

By Lynne Henderson

Methodism first began in Lancaster in 1794. Lancaster Methodist Church came into being on Easter Sunday 2001 when 3 churches within the city of Lancaster amalgamated –

Wesley Methodist Church (opened 1806)
Greaves Methodist Church (opened 1909)
Marsh Wesleyan Chapel (opened 1887)

A few years later Skerton Methodist Church (opened 1858) also became part of the amalgamation.
The Church has 2 premises – the former Greaves building on Scotforth Rd and The Cornerstone, the former Wesley church building in Dalton Square. Memorials from all 4 churches plus that from a previously closed church - Moor Lane, are displayed together in one of the corners of the main church premises in Scotforth Road, Lancaster.

The Memorials

Wesley Methodist Church

Photo:Wesley Methodist Church memorial

Wesley Methodist Church memorial

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John Davis Bell

   E A Oglethorpe

Walter Baxendale

   Leslie W Parker

Stephen Clarke

   John Rawes

John G Clarke

   Reginald Stamper

A S Christian

   Charles Stirzaker

Robert A Cole

   Henry Stirzaker

Herbert Dobson

   W M Sarginson

Robert Hull

   John E Swindells

Oswald A Hodgson

   William Topping

J H M Ireland

   A Woodhouse

Benjamin Leyland

   Andrew Yule

These at the call of King and Country left all that was dear to them. Endured hardship, faced danger and finally passed out of the sight of men by the path of duty and self-sacrifice

1914 – 1918

The darkness passeth away and the true light already shineth John 2 v6  

Skerton Methodist Church

Photo:Skerton Methodist Church Memorial

Skerton Methodist Church Memorial

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Roll of Honour

1914 - 1918

To the Glory of God and affectionate remembrance of the members of Skerton Wesley Church, Choir and School, who gave their lives for the cause of righteousness and freedom.


Charles Hewitson  



Robert Malley



John Turner Price



Charles Stilling



Edward B Dixon
Samuel Braddock  James Plowman

William Battersby  Edwin Prickett

Stanley Davies      Frederick Price

Spencer Elliot       Thomas D Price

John Liver             Charles Pye

Thomas Lupton     Harry Slinger

Harry Lytham        George Woods

Albert Love   






Greaves Methodist Church



Photo:Greaves Methodist Church Memorial

Greaves Methodist Church Memorial

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Greaves Wesleyan Church

Roll of Honour

1914 – 1918

Herbert Beeley

William Miller

Frank Dilworth

Albert Sweeney

George Dowthwaite

Robert Townson

Norman B Gorrill

Albert Webb

Tom Holden

John Myerscough

George Howson

Charles Hodgson

Harry Kneale

John W Taylor

Hubert Lilley

Thomas H Hodgson

Frank Middleton

Charles E Thompson

John R Turner

 Thomas Coupe

F Bryan Smith

Arthur Galloway

Robert Duerden

Herbert Eden

John Wilcock

William B Kellett

Arthur Lynch

Reginald Smith

Frank Cunliffe

Isaac Birtle

Charles P Fisher

Ernest C Happold

Robert A McGeogh

Donald W Leach

Robert Coupe

James Millar

Fred Simpson

George Hebden

Frederick Green

James Cornthwaite

For God and the Right



The names in bold denote those who gave their lives and never returned. On the memorial their names appear in boxes.






Marsh Methodist Church  

Photo:Marsh Methodist Church Memorial

Marsh Methodist Church Memorial

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Marsh Wesleyan Mission

1914 – 1918 war

Roll of Honour

H Airey

W Murray

P Bailey

N Newby **

H Brinnand

W Newby

H Bulcock

 T Newton

J Bulcock **

G Pimm

J Clark

H Pimm

R Clark

J Ratcliff

E Clayton

A Slinger

J Clayton

T Smith

A Clegg

J Southworth

J Cowell

A Ralph

R Cowell

E Troughton

T Cragg

J Troughton

M Cummings

F Waiting

R Gardner **

H Waiting **

W Gardner **

P Waiting

W Graham **

W Walling **

N Hargreaves

W Walker

R Hetherington

R Ward

F Johnson

M Wilson **

E Kendall

W Robinson

H Knowles

Wm. Robinson

W Lockley

A Townly

S Love

R Townly

W Millington

R Roper

C Kendall **

C Ireland

J Hudson

J Byrom

A Furlor


R Gardner


** denotes those who gave their lives and never returned.



Moor Lane  

Photo:Moor Lane Memorial

Moor Lane Memorial

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Sacred to the memory of the following connected with Moor Lane Church who fell in the World War 1914 – 1918

James Blackburn

Thomas Mawson

Arthur Nelson

Reuben Nicholson

Ernest Stone

John Sturzaker

David M Wilson














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Moor Lane was the Primitive Methodist chapel in Lancaster.

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